State Daily Cases

Published May 8th 2020

Living in NYC, life has been hard with New York on PAUSE. But, as many states begin to reopen, it's also apparent that the pandemic has yet to be truly curtailed. New York and others have seen a flattening of the curve, but elsewhere the curve is still very much on the rise.

Now admitedly, that first graph has unique scales, normalized to each states data. Here, if we use a consistent scale, you can see New York is still the epicenter of the outbreak with the highest rates of infection.

Here's the original graph again, this time with some proper labelling. As it demonstrates, if caution isn't heeded, the virus will continue to spread at an alarming rate and overwhelm the health care system. While getting outside, exercising and the like are essential to mental and physical health, please continue to practice social distancing.

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